Want to learn how to play Golf?

Or just improve your golf game to play better golf?

At the Sandringham Golf Academy we have a saying; "... spend an hour with a golf coach and save an hour in the rough!".

There is no doubt that if you want to learn how to play golf or would just like to improve your golf game that you are far better off if you invest in golf lessons or some golf coaching from PGA golf professionals rather than "hacking" around on your local golf course. In effect, if you continue to play you are "practicing your mistakes"! Bad habits form easily if you start or continue to play golf with no instruction and these bad habits can remain with you forever. Those who obtain golf instruction from PGA Professionals and who learn the fundamentals will find that improving their golf game will come easier.

Learn how to play golf with Group Golf Clinics

At the Sandringham Golf Academy we can help you learn how to play golf, no matter what level of experience you have. We have beginners group golf clinics focussing on all aspect of the game from your golf swing to putting and your short game. We also offer group golf clinics for Seniors and for Women. And, if there is a group of you, we can provide Group Golf Clinics for you to learn together! Group golf clinics are suitable for groups of 4 to 8 people) And then you can relax in our cafe for a drink or something to eat after your lessons.

SGA Junior golf Academy to help kids learn to play golf

And we specialise, through the Sandringham Golf Academy, in teaching juniors or kids how to play golf. At the Sandringham Golf Academy (SGA) we have a Junior Program that caters for all ages and skill levels. The Junior Academy will run in conjunction with school terms throughout the year, with term 1 running as a 8 week program running on Monday, Sunday and Wednesday and Thursday and 8 week term on Sundays/ All parts of the game will be covered as pert of the golf instruction for juniors during the term and will be taught in a safe, enjoyable environment.

The Sandringham Golf Academy (SGA) Junior Program has implemented the "MY Golf" Program. This golf instruction program takes students through different levels of skills testing to monitor improvement and keeps them interested throughout learning the game of golf.

How to improve your golf game with one-on-one Golf Instruction

Without doubt, the best way to learn the fundamentals of golf and really improve your golf game is with one-on-one golf lessons from a PGA Professional Golf Coach. At the Sandringham Golf Academy, we have a number of PGA coaches available for one-on-one golf lessons or golf instruction. Golf lessons can be purchased individually for 30 minutes or 1 hour and includes range balls.

Six Lessons for the price of 5 Golf Lesson Packages

We also offer packages of six 30 minute or 1 hour golf lessons for the normal price of 5 lessons. These packages have been specifically designed to allow our PGA Coaches to focus on each and every aspect of your game. Initially, we look at your grip, stance and swing. Then your swing is video taped and analysed with you using our golf swing analysis software, as a key part of our golf instruction. Subsequent lessons can focus on driving, long irons, short irons, chipping and putting.

We find that those who commit to these packages do often find they improve their golf game faster and to a greater extent than those who only purchase a single lesson.

Purchase Golf Lessons Online or Call Us Now!

You can purchase golf lesson packages online here or simply call us on (03) 9583 5102 to book your golf lessons to learn how to play golf properly and improve your golf game today!