Types of golf swings. The Basics of the best golf swings.

The perfect golf swing?

Consider the mental image of a 10 year old swinging a golf club, and imagine that they have never previously hit a golf ball or previously had lessons. It is very likely that they will actively swing the club with their arms and hands, while their body passively twists about in space in reactive accomodation to the movements of the arms and club across the front of the body. These types of golf swings have been labelled the "tail swings the dog" type of golf swings, because the central axial torso has to reactively respond to the active movements of the appendicular torso (arms and hands). A 10 year old usually has a light, lithe torso that is very flexible and pliant and it can easily move about in space in reactive, but passive, response to forces generated by the actively moving arms, hands and club.

In contrast to a 10 year old, most adults, especially overweight middle-aged adults, have a heavy, non-pliant central torsos, which cannot easily twist about in space in reactive response to arm movements across the front of the body. Therefore, a more suitable swing for adults has been labelled a "dog swings the tail" type of golf swing, because the central torso ("dog") actively powers this type of golf swing while the arms, club and shaft ("tail") are passively swung around the rotating torso in response to forces generated by the large muscles of the central body.

When using a "dog swings the tail" golf swings, a golfer has to primarily move the central torso so that the shoulders rotate around the central torso's pivot axis. As the shoulders rotate, the arms are forced to move because they are attached to the central body at the shoulder joint, and the arms are passively flung around the body by the rotating shoulders.

There are two general approaches to powering the shoulder turn in this type of golf swing. The one approach is called the upper body golf swing, because the golfer actively turns the upper torso (chest, upper back, shoulders) while keeping the lower body relatively passive and static.

The second approach is called the lower body golf swing, because the downswing starts with a rotation of the lower torso (hips) followed by a rotation of the upper torso (shoulders). In other words, the swing starts from the bottom-up (lower body moves first, upper body second) while the upper body downswing starts from the top-down (upper body first and lower body second).

Most professional golfers use lower body golf swings and because both the lower and upper torso are involved in the golf swing action, it is also called a total body golf swing action.

So therefore, there are no "best golf swings" but rather a range of types of swings which suit different types of golfers with varied experience and physical capabilities.

Which types of swings are best golf swings for you? Learn the basics of golf swing.

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For a perfect Golf swing technique, to learn golf swing basics or genrally improve golf swing, get Golf Swing Check lessons at the Sandringham Driving Range and Golf Academy.
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