Is your short game letting you down? Want to learn how to improve your short game in golf?

The short game, putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play, is one part of the game practised least by average golfers and is the one area that can shave shots off your game faster than anything else. The easiest way to improve your scores is through your golf short game. Learn how to shave shots off your scores with help from the Sandringham Golf Academy (SGA) Golf Coaches.

These 3 hours hort game golf school classes focus on the most important part of the golf game ... from 100 metres and in. The easiest way of lowering your golf score is through shots saved in the short game.

Golf Short Game Instruction will cover Putting, Chipping, Pitching & Bunker Play.

The Short Game Scoring School includes:
* 3 hours of instruction
* Short game booklet
* 6:1 Student/Instructor Ratio

The Sandringham Golf Academy (SGA) Short Game Golf Schools Seminars run on the first Saturday of every month from 9.00am - 12noon.
Cost: $99.00 per person.
Short game golf schools bookings are essential and are limited to 5 per group.
Purchase tickets or book a group for Short Game Seminars on the Short Game Seminars page in our online shop.

Short Game Golf Schools focus on the short game
How to improve your short game in golf.
Golf Short Game Scoring School
Short Game Scoring School